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Emotional Support Animals And The Provisions 

Emotional support animals (ESAs) have been gaining popularity amongst people who are suffering from mental difficulties as the ESA pets allow them to lead a normal life. Pets have been known to induce a calming effect on those surrounding them, and the simple act of petting them can help reduce stress and produce a calming effect by producing oxytocin in the handler or the human companion. 

People in need of ESA companionship can have their pets assigned to become ESA through an  ESA letter. The ESA letter for housing and traveling allows the person with a mental disability to always be in the presence of the pet at all times, which is essential for the person to operate normally. 

ESA letter and the rules regarding it

The ESA letter is provided to the applicant after a thorough assessment by a licensed mental health specialist. The assessment will vary depending on the mode of application. People can apply for an ESA letter either through face to face sessions with a mental health specialist or through an online assessment. Through appointments, the specialist will assess your condition in various sessions before coming to the conclusion of whether you should be granted an ESA letter for a pet or not. While in online consultations, this assessment will take place through questionnaires or online consultations. If the decision is taken to allow you to have the ESA letter, the letter will be sent to your mailing address. 

With the ESA letter at hand, you can make various provisions. The first amongst these is the provision to have your pet with you during your air travels. During the air travels the airline carriers cannot keep your pet away from you, as you are allowed to accompany your pet with you in the passenger compartment. The Air Carrier Access Act allows you to have this provision. Moreover, under the law, you are exempt from any pet fee. Likewise, the Fair Housing Act does the same for your living situation where the property owner cannot bar you from living inside the rental space stating a no-pet policy. Also, the landlord is not allowed to charge you any pet deposits or pet charges. 

Popular ESAs

  • Dogs

Dogs are the most popular of all pet animals, and it is no surprise that dogs are the most popular ESA candidates. A person can choose an ESA specific to his/her lifestyle as there are many breeds to choose from. Some of the dogs with their ease of trainability and friendly demeanor such as Labradors and Poodles are perfect for ESA companions. If you want to get an ESA dog you should know which hypoallergenic dogs breed is suitable for you.

  • Cats

People love felines to be their ESA as they have a relaxed demeanor that influences calmness in the people around them. Cats love to show affection through the physical touch and love to get pets allowing the human companion a reprieve during times of anxiety and stress. Moreover, unlike dogs, cats don’t need daily outside walks and other exercises, such that you won’t have to get out of your comfort especially if you are an indoor person.

  • Rabbits

People who don’t want to have both cats and dogs as their pets tend to have Rabbits as their pet animals. These animals are high maintenance pets, which will engage the pet owner with their care and other activities. 

These furry animals can become good ESAs as they love to show affection and respond well to the attention you give them. You will have to be extra careful about their care as they need routine vet visits and you will have to make sure that your rabbit gets its daily greens.

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