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    I would recommend looking into the PAINAD scale. That's what we used when I worked inpatient hospice. ------------------------------ Kara Bakke RN Registered Nurse ------------------------------

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    We currently have a nonverbal pain scale at my institution that is not very helpful with our comfort care patients. For instance, it includes details like changes in VS (which we are not routinely taking) and if they are tolerating a ventilator, etc. ...

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    Just an FYI for anyone that wants great chemo education, one of my coworkers told me about IVcanceredsheets.com and it's pretty amazing. You can print out a much more concise version of your regimen, in color, easy to read, etc. There are also oral ed ...

  • Was this through a PIV or CVAD? There is some research to support prevention in peripheral venous pain, but I have not experienced any issues with subsequent infusions after administration via a central line. Preventive effect of pre-warming, hot ...

  • Proceduralists/APP/MDs can administer IT chemo with the proper training/competency- either via LP or ommaya. We are currently revising our policy, so I can't share but some references are: 2016 Updated American Society of Clinical Oncology/Oncology ...

  • Does the discount stand for only Boston ONS? ------------------------------ Bonnie Bailey BLS RN ------------------------------

  • We use Biopatches for any of our infusions that have to go home with their port-a-cath still accessed. For example, if someone has to receive a 24-hour continuous infusion through their port-a-cath, we use the Biopatches. These are impregnanted with CHG. ...

  • Great question! At my prior org there was a demonstrative competency annually for both techs & nurses. We are currently looking into competencies for this at my current org. ------------------------------ Jennifer Hadjar MSN RN OCN Director of Nursing ...

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