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  • I've been an oncology nurse for 31 years and I've worked in multiple cities and facilities all across the United States. I have never been anywhere that refuses to give chemo on Fridays. I've had many who want to do chemo on Friday's so if they do ...

  • We have always given chemo on Friday but avoided starting new treatments on Fridays. The reason is, we're not there on weekends and if the patient has problems on the weekend, they have to call the advice line or go to the ED on the weekend. We have since ...

  • We do post vital signs and 30 minute observation. Do others keep all Iron patients for observation? Thank you, Tina ------------------------------ Tina Vallier RN OCN Ms ------------------------------

  • I am interested in knowing what problems clinics are having. Sent from my iPhone

  • Nursing voices needed! The Joint Commission's proposed new requirements to address environmental sustainability in the Leadership chapter for the Hospital program and Critical Access Hospital program are being field reviewed. The new ...

  • Hi Nancy, Thank you for sharing. I would love to have a copy of CAR-T patient education materials. yveflowers@yahoo.com Eve Celestial RN/BSN, City of Hope Sent from my iPhone

  • Hi Stephanie, if you are willing to share, I would love a copy of your competency book as well. My email is erica.scott@emoryhealthcare.org ------------------------------ Erica Scott RN OCN MSN-RN Oncology Education Coordinator Emory Healthcare ...

  • Hello Nancy - That is kind of you to share - I love seeing what others are doing! kate.l.caldon@hitchcock.org ------------------------------ Kate Caldon RN BMTCN RN Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center ------------------------------

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