CJON Associate Editor

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Signup Deadline: 06-15-2023
Starts: 09-01-2023
Ends: 09-01-2026
Location: Online Opportunity


Are you interested in advancing the foundation of clinical nursing practice, using your skills as a writer, editor, and mentor to clinical colleagues? Then consider joining the Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing (CJON) Editorial Board as an associate editor (AE).
Serving on the CJON Editorial Board will check off many of your professional and personal goals. You will:

  • Know early on what is new and impactful in clinical oncology nursing care.
  • Build your editing and publishing competencies. (Who knows what that will lead to?)
  • Experience collegiality—at its best—as a member of an ONS team, which values—and contributes to—excellence in clinical oncology nursing practice.   

As background, CJON is a bimonthly, peer-reviewed journal published by the Oncology Nursing Society (ONS). Its mission is to publish clinically relevant, evidence-based content for oncology nurses in diverse roles and practice settings to support the clinical care of those affected by cancer.
CJON is led by its Editorial Board, which consists of the CJON editor and AEs, who coordinate each of the nine CJON departments. (For department profiles, follow this link: https://www.ons.org/cjon/about.) The CJON Editorial Board is a collaborative, supportive forum that encourages frequent communication and a robust exchange of ideas—all to advance content that supports clinical oncology nurses’ practice and excellence in clinical oncology care.
In the role of CJON AE, each AE recruits clinical nurse authors to write their assigned department articles for each issue of CJON. These department articles are about 1,700–2,000 words long and present a focused topic of interest to clinical oncology nurse readers. CJON provides mentorship to the author as they draft the article and finalize the content for submission. Finalized department draft articles are submitted four months before publication in CJON. For further explanation of CJON department article development, access the CJON Manuscript Requirements link, p. 3: https://www.ons.org/sites/default/files/2022-12/CJON-Ms-Requirements-2023.pdf.
All CJON AEs must be active ONS members. These are volunteer positions that are appointed by and report to the CJON editor. AEs serve a three-year term, with an optional fourth transition year to orient the incoming AE to the department. CJON has established a comprehensive training program for incoming AEs, which includes individualized mentoring by the outgoing AE of the department and the CJON editor. The AE mentoring/training period is approximately six months; the training/mentoring period continues until the incoming AE feels ready to assume full responsibility for the department.
AEs also contribute to journal policies, procedures, and special projects.
CJON currently is recruiting AEs for three CJON departments: Communities, Essentials, and Evolving Foundations. Preferred AE applicants have had experience publishing in scholarly, peer-reviewed journals. To recruit department article authors, preferred AE applicants are comfortable networking in the clinical oncology nursing community. Finally, preferred AE applicants have experience mentoring clinical oncology nurses.
Depending on the department and the term of the outgoing AE, an incoming AE term begins either September 1, 2023, or January 1, 2024.
To apply to be a CJON department AE and join the CJON Editorial Board, log in to the ONS Communities with your ONS username and password, click “Apply Today,” and provide the requested information by June 15, 2023. If you have expertise or interest in the three open departments listed above, please speak to that in your application responses. Contact pubCJON@ons.org with questions.
Applicants will be contacted to confirm receipt of their application. For selected applicants, the CJON editor will conduct Zoom interviews. All applicants will receive a final response to their CJON AE application.

Volunteers Needed:

3 (1 open slot)

Experience Required:

5+ Years Nursing Experience




Emmalee Torisk, PhD