How You Can Afford Fertility Treatment

By Hazel Thomas posted 12-12-2020 22:53


For couples looking to conceive, 10-15% face the harsh reality of infertility. It is common knowledge that fertility treatments are costly and stressful. Many factors affect the process and very few people have knowledge of their own fertility. 

Age is a factor of infertility, so there’s a sense of urgency once couples find out. Often the information is overwhelming. But, there is a lot of good information available and here we’ll be looking at some of the things you could consider on the journey. 

Fertility treatment 

Based on many factors, fertility treatment can cost a fortune. Determining a course of treatment is usually done through testing, and for some, requiring more than one or two tests. They are expensive and results can limit the treatment options available.

But, there are so many great resources and opportunities around treatment. For the best fertility specialists, visit It offers informative and helpful information about the best IVF clinics across the US, as well as financing your treatment.

Clinic payment options

Some clinics offer payment options to patients paying out of pocket. This usually requires paying some of the costs upfront. This option has the benefits of taking out a loan, in that you can pay it off over a period of time, with the benefit of no interest charged.

The only thing to consider is that it’s difficult to predict how much you will need upfront. Testing and repeat procedures can amount to a lot down the line. Many people aren’t financially prepared to pay large amounts of money out of pocket. 

Bank or personal loans

Loans offer immediate access to funds and they don’t dictate how you spend them. If your credit is good, awarding a loan is more likely. And you have more chance of getting a bigger loan amount. There are also dedicated fertility loans that can assist with IVF costs. 

The downside is that you might have a high interest rate on loan and it’s an added monthly expense. Or, if treatment is unsuccessful, loan repayment can be a painful reminder thereof. If your credit isn’t great, looking into other options can also be just as fruitful.

Fertility grants

Grants are a great way of acquiring the funds you need, and they’re free. Donors, foundations and companies that support causes like infertility offer these grants. So, they are catered to those needs. The only thing you need to do is fill out an application. 

Grant applications are competitive and not everyone is awarded one as funding is limited. So, try to explore more than one funding stream. This will ensure that you’re not dependent on one outcome. And, you’ll learn more about funding processes and what resources are available to you.


Crowdfunding is a more unorthodox financing option but can be very successful. The money raised through these means can often exceed your goals. Friends, family, anyone who sees your fund and is interested in helping you can become a potential donor. 

The only downside is that you may need to share your journey and for some families, this can be difficult. Also, considering that this is a personal and quite a private experience. But, if that’s not a problem for you, crowdfunding is cheap and it can be lucrative. 

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