This site will be used as a resource for virtual chapter events that are open to all ONS members. 
Please visit the "Upcoming Events" tab to view the listing of available events, and the "Recorded Meetings"
tab to view a list of previously recorded meeting content.



By submitting a webinar to ONS, you:

  • Give ONS the right to make the webinar available on ONS’s website and display the names of individuals appearing in the webinar.
  • State that any person appearing in the webinar has consented to being recorded and has consented to ONS using the recording and the person’s name on ONS’s website.
  • State that you own the rights in any copyrighted content or have the permission of the copyright owner to use such copyrighted content in connection with the webinar.
  • State that the webinar does not contain any false, misleading, derogatory, or defamatory content, and does not violate any applicable laws or regulations, intellectual property rights of any third party, or any terms and conditions applicable to the platform on which the webinar was recorded.
  • Acknowledge that ONS may remove the webinar at any time in its sole discretion.
  • Release and will defend and indemnify ONS for any liabilities arising out of the webinars, including but not limited to claims of defamation, invasion of privacy, or infringement of intellectual property rights (including but not limited to copyright, moral rights, or rights of publicity).

Frequently Asked Questions

As a chapter, how do we list our event as open to all ONS members?
Please e-mail chapters@ons.org with the date, time, topic, and Zoom registration link for your event, and it will be added to the site.  If there are NCPD or financial aspects to your event, please let us know.

What is the maximum number of registrations for an event?
The max number of attendees for an event is 300.

Can we record our event and provide access for members outside of our chapter?
Yes, if you have an event you would like to record and post for other ONS members, please let us know at chapters@ons.org.

Is it possible to prioritize the registration for members of our local chapter?
If you would like local members to be able to register first, we recommend opening the registration to them for several days before reaching out to have the event included on this site.

I have never used Zoom before, how do I join a meeting?
You can find instructions on joining a Zoom meeting