• Now Open: Scholarship - 7th Annual ONS Capitol Hill Days

    Applications are open for three HCONS scholarships to ONS Capitol Hill Days 2022. Scholarships are for up to $1760 reimbursed based on original expense receipts (not reimbursed by another entity).

    This is an incredible opportunity for HCONS members to experience how the legislative and regulatory process affects nurses and patients. You will meet with legislators in Washington to discuss ONS supported bills. You will receive training to help HCONS reinforce its health policy agenda in your local congressional district. 

    Email your application to

    Email applications must Include:

    • Name, personal phone, and email address
    • Program you want to attend: ONS Capitol Hill Days
    • Your congressional district
    • Applications due by July 31, 2022
    • Responses to the following
      1. Discuss your interest in attending. Why do you think it is important to be knowledgeable and active in supporting legislation related to health care and nursing practice?
      2. How will you apply what you have learned after attending this session?
      3. What will you do to share this information after you attend?
  • Spring 2022 Academic Student Scholarship


    The Houston Chapter of the Oncology Nursing Society is offering three competitive Spring scholarships for colleagues interested in the care of patients with cancer. Each $1,000 scholarship will be awarded in June to one undergraduate, one MSN student, and one student pursuing a DNP or PhD.  HCONS membership not required to apply.  Please note individuals cannot receive the same award more than once (i.e., BSN scholarship, MSN scholarship, or DNP/PhD scholarship).  However, as you advance in your educational journey you can reapply to receive a scholarship at the next level:

    Application requirements include:

    1. A paragraph about your interest in oncology nursing;
    2. One letter of faculty support.  Must be from the program where you are currently enrolled.  Please submit online at: .

    The deadline for submission is May 27, 2022 and the scholarships will be awarded at the June 15, 2022 HCONS Membership Meeting.

  • 2022 ONS Congress opportunity

    Dear HCONS members,
    The Oncology Nursing Society 2022 Congress Content Planning Team has been working on a session titled COVID-19: The Impact on Cancer Care. In this dynamic session, a panel of CNOs from across the nation will share their experiences with COVID-19 and the impact on their organizations. They will discuss the efforts and innovations taken to prepare and respond to the pandemic while optimizing safe, quality cancer care.  


    As a way to celebrate oncology nurses and recognize one another’s accomplishments during the pandemic, and beyond, we are putting together a slide show of photos and video clips from around the world. Are there any photos and/or video clips that you would be able to submit with approval from your organization (or surrounding/affiliated states)? 


    Thank you in advance and I look forward to hearing from you.  Also, if you have any contacts at other organizations from other states, please feel free to extend this email to them as well. 
    Please send photos and videos to ONS FTP site and use as the recipient.  

    Kindest Regards,
    @Roselyn Ogunkunle, OCN

  • Now Open: HCONS Scholarship for Nurse In Washington Internship (NIWI)

    The Houston Chapter of the Oncology Nursing Society (HCONS) is offering three competitive scholarships for up to $1525 reimbursement for members who are interested in learning more about legislative advocacy at the 2022 Nurse in Washington Internship (NIWI)
     offered in person March 21-23, 2022 in Alexandria, Virginia. 

    - Email application to
    - Subject: Nurse in Washington Internship (NIWI)
    - Include your name and contact information (email & phone) with a paragraph discussing your interest in attending and describing how you will share and apply the information when you return
    - Applications due by February 27, 2022. 
    - Recipients will be notified March 1, 2022 by email.
    The awards will be paid when original expense receipts (not reimbursed by another entity) are received.
  • NOW OPEN: HCONS Scholarship for ONS Congress

    The Houston Chapter of the Oncology Nursing Society (HCONS) is offering five competitive $2,000 scholarships for members who are interested in learning more about oncology nursing at the 47th Annual ONS Congress:  Many Voices. Common Vision offered in person April 27 – May 1, 2022 in Anaheim, California.  Submissions need to include why you want to attend and what you will do with the knowledge gained.


    • The awards will be paid when original expense receipts (not reimbursed by another entity) are received
    • Members may receive the ONS Scholarship only once
    • Applications must be received by Friday, March 4th
    • Scholarship winners will be notified by email, on Friday, March 11, 2022

    Apply today at:

  • HCONS 2021 Board Elections

    Candidate to fill the vacancy created by Danya Garner:


    Name: Goley Richardson

    Bio: I have served on the Board of HCONS for three years as a voting member while serving in the Secretary, Treasurer-elect, and Treasurer positions. For the last year I have been a non-voting member working with the archive project; creating a digital space to store the work and documents of the Board for current Board members to access readily and future members to have available as a resource.

    While Treasurer in 2019 -2020, I worked with Valerie Stiner and LanAnh Nguyen in navigating the unusual circumstances during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic and the annual vendor fair. Having to communicate with our vendors and make difficult decisions on the Board regarding how to proceed the upcoming year. We must be creative in how we bring learning opportunities to our chapter members. I think I may be more tech-savvy than my teenagers…probably not, but close! During this experience, I learned the role of the president is to serve as the support person to all the different committee chairs to ensure that they have the necessary resources to provide our members the many wonderful opportunities for professional growth.

    I have the experience to continue this practice through my work experience at MD Anderson. I lead our program for shared governance and collaborate with nurses from all different areas and our interprofessional partners to assist them on projects and initiatives to provide our patients the best care possible. I believe HCONS does this same type of work by providing its chapter members the necessary tools and experiences to develop into leaders in the community, supporting and advocating for our cancer patients in all areas whether it’s at the bedside, at the Capitol in Austin and/or Washington D.C. I hope you will give me the opportunity to continue serving HCONS and its members by electing me to lead our Board in their great work.

    President Elect


    Name: Joaquin Buitrago

    Bio: My professional background includes continuous ONS membership since 2005 and active involvement in HCONS for eight years, more recently as chairman of the education committee. I served in the US Army as a military nurse for seven years participating in active and reserve roles and in numerous collateral assignments that included planning, education, and leadership.

    Currently, I am a Nurse Educator at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center involved in a variety of educational activities and nursing professional development. In addition, I am involved in other institutional committees that include policy review, peer review, and nursing informatics, among others. My interest in the HCONS leadership derives from my passion to serve such a welcoming organization with a common interest for the oncology nursing community. With this background, I am well versed in Oncology Nursing issues and familiar with HCONS processes and vision.


    Name: Cassandra Green MSN, RN, OCN

    Bio: I began my nursing career 6 years ago in radiation oncology. I learned and enjoyed it so much and recently transitioned to the Oncology Nurse Navigator role for Houston Methodist Clear Lake. I joined HCONS in 2015 shortly after becoming a nurse at the advice of my colleague who felt it would help me grow as a nurse and I just fell in love with the organization. I love meeting everyone and all the wonderful education opportunities. The camaraderie is just phenomenal. I have served as treasurer which has been interesting during this pandemic. I look forward to serving HCONS in the future as it has served me!


    Name: Kristin Johnson

    Bio: My name is Kristin Johnson, and I am currently the HCONS Secretary for 2021. I have been an oncology nurse for 13 years, OCN certified since 2009, and recently completed my MSN in Nursing Administration. I have enjoyed being a part of the HCONS Board over the past year, networking with the other board members, learning about our involvement with the nursing community, and slowly easing back into in-person education events. I would like to run for the position of Secretary again for 2022, where I can continue to put my organizational skills to use by transcribing the meeting minutes, keeping track of decisions made, questions raised, and topics discussed at each meeting. This past year has been a fascinating learning experience, and I look forward to serving our Houston Chapter members for another year as Secretary.  Thank you.


    Name: Rose Moore

    Bio: I am a highly motivated, oncology nursing professional with over 20 years of diverse industry experience. With a strong track record in identifying opportunities, I excel in improving processes and increasing financial returns. Specifically, I love and have had great success in strategic use of data to assess, discover, and pivot plans to manage and even improve fiscal responsibilities among projects and programs. I am confident that my experience and drive will be a good fit to be the next Treasurer of the HCONS.

    Thank you for your consideration

  • HCONS Board of Directors Nominations NOW OPEN!

    HCONS 2022 Board of Directors Nominations NOW OPEN!
    • President (1 year term) - Must have previous BOD/Committee experience
    • President-Elect (2 year term) - Must have previous BOD/Committee experience
    • Treasurer-Elect (2 year term)
    • Secretary (1 year term)
    We welcome any current members who would like to run for a Board of Directors position or participate on our committees to support HCONS. 

    Please contact Colleen Jernigan at if you are interested or have questions.

    Nominations open until 11/1/21.
    Voting 11/8/21-11/29/21.​
  • Fall Academic Student Scholarship Now Open

    The Houston Chapter of the Oncology Nursing Society is pleased to announce we are offering six $1,000 competitive scholarships for nursing students interested in the care of patients with cancer. The scholarships will be awarded to two undergraduate and four advanced nursing degree students.

    Two (2) BSN
    Two (2) MSN
    Two (2) Doctoral (i.e., DNP, PhD, EdD)

    Please note: Individuals cannot receive the same award more than once. However, as you advance in your educational journey you can apply to receive a scholarship at the next level.

    Scholarship awardees will be recognized at the December HCONS Membership Meeting.

    Please submit the following:

    • A paragraph describing your interest in oncology nursing;
    • One letter of Faculty support from the program where you are currently enrolled using this link

    Submissions are due by close of business day on Friday, November 19, 2021