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    Posted 12 days ago

    I am a nurse in an outpatient oncology clinic. With the increased number of oral chemotherapies available we are having to help patients find co pay assistance programs due to the large out of pocket costs. At our institution we have patients that are non English speaking and don't have pharmacy benefits. Some drug companies are asking for an attestation letter directly from the patient. They want the letter to explain why they do not have a social security number, that they live in the United States,  and where the funds come for their medical and living expenses, etc. This can be very intimidating to these patients and as a nurse I feel terrible asking for this information.  Do any of your institutions have a formatted letter or even a list of questions to give patients to include in their letters?

    Any ideas are welcome!

    Thank you,

    Tricia, RN OCN

    Tricia Truax RN OCN
    Cottage Grove MN