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Proposed 2020 CoC Guidelines for Survivorship

  • 1.  Proposed 2020 CoC Guidelines for Survivorship

    Posted 05-21-2019 12:32

    It appears that the proposed 2020 CoC Guidelines for Survivorship will not mandate the delivery of SCP's as part of the guidelines. My understanding is that the use of a SCP could be part of your larger Survivorship program but again, not mandated. It looks like they are focusing on the services that are provided to patients and the impact of these services on patients.

    Has anyone started looking into changes that you and your team may be making to your program, if any? Has anyone considered a quarterly Survivorship class?

    Looking for thoughts....

    Maggie Oswald, NP
    Lake Forest, IL

    Maggie Oswald
    Evanston IL

  • 2.  RE: Proposed 2020 CoC Guidelines for Survivorship

    Posted 05-22-2019 09:36
    Where did you see this proposed change?

    Syndal Ortman APRN, DNP, AOCNP
    Director of Cancer Survivorship and Cancer Rehabilitation Programs
    Hennepin County Medical Center
    Comprehensive Cancer Center
    Minneapolis, MN

  • 3.  RE: Proposed 2020 CoC Guidelines for Survivorship

    Posted 05-22-2019 10:37
    Our cancer registry manager.


  • 4.  RE: Proposed 2020 CoC Guidelines for Survivorship

    Posted 05-22-2019 11:10
    Hi. I received the draft of proposed changes to the 2020 CoC standards from my manager yesterday. Looks like there could be big changes to the survivorship standard. I'm sure this will be the topic of discussion in upcoming cancer committee and leadership meetings. I am one of two survivorship nurse navigators at my facility, hired primarily to meet 3.3 standards. With the proposed changes, I'm not quite sure how this will impact this position. My facility does not have a survivorship "program," which would be required if the proposed standards are adopted. I imagine that the navigator position would become a part of the program team.

    Mia Wilson RN, BSN, OCN
    UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center
    Sacramento CA

  • 5.  RE: Proposed 2020 CoC Guidelines for Survivorship

    Posted 05-22-2019 14:05
    My exact concern too! Not sure how my role will morph or if we will do the same approach as part of our program. 

    I am intetested in what others may be doing...
    Trying to anticipate this likely change. 


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  • 6.  RE: Proposed 2020 CoC Guidelines for Survivorship

    Posted 05-23-2019 08:08
    I had not heard of this potential change until this thread started.  I've delayed a number of other studies I'm involved in to keep up with the care plans. I hope to bring it up in our next cancer committee.  I will continue to follow this thread.​

    Ann Cuvala RN MS OCN
    [Nurse Navigator, Breast]
    [Franciscan Alliance]
    [Olympia Fields Illinois]

  • 7.  RE: Proposed 2020 CoC Guidelines for Survivorship

    Posted 05-23-2019 08:40
    I can confirm - I just got the draft of proposed changes as well and it shows care plans not being mandated anymore. It sounds like they want to focus more on building a program and survivorship team instead.

    Syndal Ortman, APRN, DNP, AOCNP
    Oncology Nurse Practitioner
    Director of Cancer Survivorship & Cancer Rehabilitation Programs
    612.873.3393   |
    Hennepin Healthcare Clinic & Specialty Center
    Comprehensive Cancer Center, First Floor
    715 South 8th Street  |  Minneapolis, MN 55404

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  • 8.  RE: Proposed 2020 CoC Guidelines for Survivorship

    Posted 05-23-2019 08:57
    Good morning!  The proposed revised CoC standards are available on the CoC website but are not considered "final". They are posted for public comment and I encourage all to review the draft standards and offer your feedback, especially with respect to the role of nursing and the feasibility of implementing changes. The standards and surveys for feedback are found at

    That said, the thinking behind the changes to the survivorship care-related standard was to emphasize the process of planning survivorship care with patients and their caregivers vs. the completion of a document. When the "care plan involved" standard was first implemented the intent was not to focus on the completion of a document but it did end up going in that direction. With the revised standard, the idea is to emphasize the planning, with patients at the center, and the development of processes to support the planning with patients (and caregivers). That led to the interprofessional committee-type structure that should exist in places where care is delivered. The structure, the professions represented, etc. are for each site to determine because you know your patient populations best (including the resources needed by those patients).

    Your roles may change - I encourage you to lead this work, design it and implement the changes. These changes represent a perfect fit for nursing (so many roles, so many reasons!).  Let ONS know what resources you need to facilitate the changes to your roles and to take on leading this important work.

    What do you need from ONS?

    PS - please DO visit the CoC site and provide your feedback!

    Michele Galioto, DNP, RN, CNS
    Oncology Nursing Society
    Pittsburgh PA

  • 9.  RE: Proposed 2020 CoC Guidelines for Survivorship

    Posted 05-24-2019 08:23
    I'm logging on this morning to review the draft, but I couldn't help but consistently nod my head while reading Michele's reply about the changes. This is a GOOD move in the right direction, I hope. There is such a extreme gap in support & services for patients post-treatment. This is a very high anxiety time for patients. They go from being seen every 2-3wks in many cases to ..."Yay, you're done! See in a month...2 months...3months." And that's it. The mandate of survivorship plans was an attempt to require providers to do a better job with "the aftermath." Unfortunately, it became in many cases a treatment summary document that really provides little meaningful value to patients & family members except to have it in order to hand to another HCP. It became a box to checkoff. I understand that some centers/clinics are doing more & that's great. But having spoke to many patient groups, I continue to hear the same things over and over again. I am glad there is a change and shift in focus to providing meaningful impact/services to our patients....that is what it's all about. Although, I still feel like there should be a mandate so that we don't revert to doing nothing since "it's not required"--it should be more meaningful than a treatment summary document that's only value is to pass off to another HCP. Our patients need more than that.

    Jill Weberding MPH BSN RN OCN
    Nurse Consultant
    Thompson Cancer Survival Ctr
    Batesville IN

  • 10.  RE: Proposed 2020 CoC Guidelines for Survivorship

    Posted 05-24-2019 09:09

    Hi Michele and colleagues!

    Totally agree and support what Michele said regarding the importance of completing the survey and in Jill's comments below. Survivorship is more than a piece of paper, but it certainly got everyone talking survivorship!

    This is a great opportunity to make your voice heard for not only this standard but others that have a direct impact on nursing roles and patient care.
    Results of Oncology Nursing Research that is in our journals (ONF, CJON and others) supports APRN's in survivorship and in other roles (such as EBP and QI).

    I filled out the survey and in the space for comments, you can cite these articles and your experiences as oncology nurses! Another way to advocate for our patients and oncology nursing!


    Darcy Burbage RN MSN CBCN
    Supportive and Palliative Care Nurse Navigator
    Newark DE

  • 11.  RE: Proposed 2020 CoC Guidelines for Survivorship

    Posted 05-28-2019 10:24
    ​I think the changes are greatly needed.  What I hope they change is that it has to be lead by an MD or NP.  I feel this is something an RN can lead it does not have to bean advanced practice nurse.  I think providers should be on the team and involved but nursing I feel is better prepared to help drive the changes to survivorship.

    Heather Askren DNP
    Director of Oncology Services
    Lafayette IN

  • 12.  RE: Proposed 2020 CoC Guidelines for Survivorship

    Posted 05-25-2019 20:10
    Love finally getting some info on this! I have always felt survivorship CP is on-going document. Especially for patients with metastatic disease. I like to focus heavily on quality of life issues, health and wellness issues we can change ( smoking, diet, exercise, etc...) I think patients need a health, QOL "coach" they see occasionally to keep their plan current and refer to other disciplines of supportive care team.
    Making a 50% "number" is random and arbitrary based on old data. Can't wait to follow this topic and glad to see some change come to what isn't working.

    Paula Harrelson
    New Orleans LA

  • 13.  RE: Proposed 2020 CoC Guidelines for Survivorship

    Posted 05-29-2019 12:20

    Hi Everyone,

    Great discussion - we just had our CoC survey and heard the news about the change.  We just spent a considerable amount of time redesigning our SCPs and building out 6 disease specific care plans, plus a generic this year. ​We knew it was critical to make the SCPs efficient to complete - which I think we achieved.  We also wanted them to be effective tools for pt education, so we made them health literate for patients. But I agree, it is MUCH more than handing them a document and I welcome a standard that includes a planning process.

    Right now, I am concerned providers and clinicians may misinterpret the new standard as "SCPs don't matter".  While I know the evidence- base is lacking for SCPs overall, I would argue that the studies have perhaps measured the wrong thing, don't take other factors into consideration, or simply expect too much from a one-time document.  I see the SCP is just one piece of a plan to move the patient toward better long term outcomes.  The SCP as a valuable tool that kicks-off the beginning of the next phase of cancer care.  The end of active treatment presents the ideal opportunity to do another assessment of the patient to see what challenges and issues remain or lie ahead, and plan for them.  We are hoping to look at this further in a pilot QI project this fall.

    Can anyone recommend an upcoming conference on survivorship issues?  Or an organization who has tackled survivorship planning with some success?  I would love to have further discussion about all of this, and hear about model projects around the country.



    Barbara Perry
    Survivorship Program Manager
    MaineHealth Cancer Care Network
    Scarborough, ME