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AOCNP Certification

  • 1.  AOCNP Certification

    Posted 07-07-2017 15:24
    Hi All,
    I'm getting ready to sit for the AOCNP exam at the end of the month despite being relatively new to the field (i've been an NP for 3 years, only in Heme-Onc for about 11 months. ) My practice is pretty subspecialized- we see mostly breast and reproductive cancers. I've read the Advanced Oncology Nursing Certification Review and Resource Manual as well as the Mometrix AOCNP Exam Secrets study guide and done a ton of practice tests (like, literally I can't find anymore anywhere that I haven't done already) I've purchased ONCC tests and tests from exam edge and my score has not BUDGED.
    Im consistently in the 70s and im worried i wont pass.
    Does anyone have any advice? Sources for other tests?

    I'm trying to avoid buying the bundle from ONS because i've already spent so much on this exam, but if its really worth it, I suppose i will have to...

    Jennifer Schiff FNP-BC
    NP Hematology & Medical Oncology
    Brooklyn NY

  • 2.  RE: AOCNP Certification

    Posted 07-08-2017 05:38
    Hi Jennifer-

    With only a month until the exam, I wouldn't buy the ONS Bundle- unless you really cram, you won't have time to review it.
    I bought the bundle and the practice tests from ONS (and the book of course).

    I just kept taking the practice exams over and over.
    Each time I would look up the answers on the questions I answered incorrectly.
    It wasn't long before I basically had the tests/answers memorized, but I did well on the exam.

    Have you tried this?

    Good luck!


    Gretchen McNally PhD, ANP-BC, AOCNP
    Columbus OH

  • 3.  RE: AOCNP Certification

    Posted 07-08-2017 09:01
    I would agree at this close date using study test. You might benefit from brief review of references listed in test answers. Especially those outside of your area Good Luck

    Julie Bergkamp APRN MSN OCN® AOCNP®
    Cancer Center of Kansas
    Garden Plain KS

  • 4.  RE: AOCNP Certification

    Posted 07-09-2017 07:53
    Have you reviewed the free content/CNE that ONS/inPractice now have on the ONS website?  There are about 65 free hours, much of it geared toward certification. Go to your test blueprint and focus on areas you are not strong in. I teach ONCC review courses and recommend the nurses use this as a learning tool. The questions you are using can validate areas of strength and weakness,  it is important that you understand content. Taking the practice tests also prepare you for the way the questions are written. I recommend putting a plan together and then sticking to it. Good luck, study hard, you have time to do this. Remember this exam validates that you have a vast area of oncology expertise.

    Deborah Spitzer RN MS OCN®
    Nurse Educator
    Harold C. Simmons Cancer Center
    Dallas TX

  • 5.  RE: AOCNP Certification

    Posted 05-26-2019 08:55
    Hi, did you find the ONS practice tests to be similar to the exam or somewhat off  I plan on sitting for exam in September and have done the bundle just wondering if that's enough?

    Kristle Simms-Murphy
    North Baldwin NY

  • 6.  RE: AOCNP Certification

    Posted 07-10-2017 08:45
    ​I just used the ONS bundle (for the Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist Certification) and found it extremely helpful.
    Regarding the test questions, I have always scored much lower on practice tests than the actual examination tests.
    Good luck...

    Marianne Casale MSN, RN, AOCNS, CHPN
    Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist
    Penn Medicine Chester County Hospital
    West Chester, PA 19380

  • 7.  RE: AOCNP Certification

    Posted 07-10-2017 10:11
    thanks all, i will try all your suggestions!

    Jennifer Schiff RN, BSN, MSN, FNP-BC
    NP Heme-Onc
    Brooklyn NY

  • 8.  RE: AOCNP Certification

    Posted 07-11-2017 13:23
    Some other resources that you may find helpful are
    The Advance Oncology Nursing Practice Certification Review Manual.  I understand the
    cost factor, what you can try doing is reach out to a pharma rep, they are often very happy to
    purchase the book for you.

    Advanced Oncology Nursing Certification Review and Resource Manual

    Anne Marie Shaftic MSN RN NPC AOCNP®
    Nurse Practitioner, Oncology
    Holy Name Hospital
    Teaneck NJ

  • 9.  RE: AOCNP Certification

    Posted 05-26-2019 11:09
    Have you tried the learning group ? It helps you understand and how to read into the questions
    They also have a fb page HemeOnc and TCT learning page

    Vivian Dee DNP APRN
    San Antonio TX