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Hospital toilet flushing

  • 1.  Hospital toilet flushing

    Posted 17 days ago
    I'm looking for EBP or protocols you use for flushing toilets when a patient is on Chemotherapy precautions. At home we teach our patients to use separate toilets and to flush twice, but how do you prevent toilet "plume"/splash/ aerosolization?

    Thank You!

    Tracie Treadaway RN
    Floor RN
    Carolinas Medical Center/Atrium Health
    Charlotte NC

  • 2.  RE: Hospital toilet flushing

    Posted 14 days ago
    Hi Tracie
    You will not find any evidence on this topic, which is why it was essentially removed from the last edition of Safe Handling of Hazardous Drugs. We kept the statement that if there is still biologic residue in the bottom of the bowl, then a second flush makes sense. But there are no published studies on this practice, and there is anecdotal evidence that it actually could worsen exposure of staff in toilets with high water pressure.


    Seth Eisenberg RN ASN OCN BMTCN
    Seattle Cancer Care Alliance
    Federal Way WA

  • 3.  RE: Hospital toilet flushing

    Posted 13 days ago
    I was reading a study the other day and it was saying the 2nd flush isn't so necessary but to have the lid down and separate toilet if possible. ​

    Dana Giddens RN
    Chemotherapy Infusionist RN
    Tuba City AZ