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Run down rates for infusions

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    Posted 05-23-2019 08:49
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    ​​Hey all,

    We have been discussing in our infusion unit based committee here at Michigan Medicine about run down rates for all types of infusions.  All of our chemotherapy agents provided to us by pharmacy are on tubing that is flushed with NS, not drug and we secondary it into a primary line.  If the rate of infusion is less than around 125cc/hr we run the drug down to the patient and then start the drug at the ordered rate.  If the rate of infusion is greater than 125cc/hr we simply start the infusion without running drug down to the patient.  We were curious as to what others do in your institutions and if there are standards or guidelines as to what rate is the "cut off" for running the drug down to the patient versus not.  On many of our research protocols we run the drug down to the patient regardless of rate so we can have accurate start and stop times of the drug.
    If you know of any standards in the literature feel free to share where you saw them as we are beginning to research this on our end to put together some literature and a document to standardize this throughout our many and various infusion areas at Michigan Medicine.  Thanks!

    Maggie Perrone BSN, MA, CRNI, OCN
    Infusion Float Nurse
    University of Michigan
    Ann Arbor MI