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  • 1.  Easypump

    Posted 09-11-2019 17:06
    Hello everyone!We have one case. Patient 50 years old,women,colon tumor. After chemotherapy  6 cycle FOLFIRI 46 hours,she has Easypump. Every one month she come in hospital and we are washing the port.When we wash port with sodium chloride and heparin she have reaction : Tremor,high temperature  up to 39,5 degrees,T/A -180/80, P-75,SPO%-97,R -11.After one month she com again and we do without heparin only sodium chloride 20ml and again reaction same the. ALL 6 cycle when we were doing it her chemotherapy she have not any reaction.We do everything sterile. 
    What we do  not doing is right? What should we do?  

    It's very important for us.

    Kind regards,