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iQueue program

  • 1.  iQueue program

    Posted 08-02-2019 09:26
    Good Morning ,

    I was wondering if there are any nurses that work in outpatient infusion centers that have utilized the iQueue program for scheduling patients. We use Epic at the organization where I work at so places that also use Epic would be helpful. My manager is interested in asking the director to purchase the software to assist us in scheduling but really would like input from others that found it successful or disliked it.

    Thank you so much for your time ,

    Tanya Camacho BSN , RN , OCN

  • 2.  RE: iQueue program

    Posted 08-05-2019 12:58
    Hi. The University of Colorado Health (UCHealth) used iQueue in its infusion centers and reported the following about it in the article at -- but hopefully others will provide firsthand (and more recent) experiences in using it.

    The health system adopted LeanTaaS' iQueue data analytics software for its infusion centers, which went live in October, and has been able to "level off those peaks and valleys" with more efficient utilization of resources and optimal scheduling.

    "We saw a 7 percent increase in patient volume, up to a 16 percent increase in patient volume during our peak periods, without an increase in staff or an increase in infusion chairs and beds," Hess says. With the deployment of the technology, UCHealth cut patient wait times by 33 percent across the entire day, with a 60 percent decrease in patient wait times during peak hours, and a 28 percent decrease in overtime hours. "So it was a win-win-win," Hess says.

    He continues, "We started with infusions because it's a smaller scope and it's more easily managed, and we saw success there. So, we decided to look at how we can use this capability with our other highly constrained areas, so we turned to the OR, because it's a need of ours, it's an expensive resource and we are constantly battling over the idea of whether we need more ORs."

    iQueue was designed to solve scheduling and operational performance problems using data science and optimization algorithms, according to Mohan Giridharadas, founder and CEO of LeanTaaS, and the technology has been deployed in about 30 infusion centers across the country, including Stanford Cancer Center, a part of Stanford Health Care. The technology has been expanded to other hospital operations, such as operating rooms, and UCHealth is the first hospital to deploy the iQueue for Operating Rooms solution.

    Mark Vrabel
    Oncology Nursing Society
    Pittsburgh PA