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Urgent Care for oncology patients

  • 1.  Urgent Care for oncology patients

    Posted 07-31-2019 22:25
    I am looking for feedback from those of you who have started an urgent care for oncology patients to reduce ER visits and provide safe immediate care for our patient population. We are beginning one to be included adjacent to our treatment center. Two NPs are currently working opposite days to cover the treatment center from 10AM until close and every Saturday. I would like to hear about your experiences (successes and improvements). Patients in our center come from 15 providers (solid and liquid tumor plus additional neuro and gyn onc providers). Thanks!

    Susan McClarnon DNP ARNP

  • 2.  RE: Urgent Care for oncology patients

    Posted 08-01-2019 07:42
    Good morning Susan,
    We are in the process of developing Express Symptom Management (EMS) unit in our infusion department. I will be happy to share information as we get closer to opening the physical unit.  We currently have an EMS team that provides telemedicine and walk-in clinic care,

    Cathy Ollom RN MSN AOCNS
    Miami Cancer Institute- Baptist Health South Florida
    Miami FL
    Clinical Nurse Specialist

  • 3.  RE: Urgent Care for oncology patients

    Posted 08-01-2019 08:56
    ​At Rush, we have integrated an urgent care program for our Cancer Center.   Our NP's manage urgent care and are responsible for supervision of the infusion room until close.  We have successfully improved our metrics associated with ED use, and are currently expanding our urgent care program.  A couple of pain points -  there will be significant impact to your infusion room as about 70% of our patients require infusion support.   We also have established our hours of urgent care accepting new pts being 2 hours before the infusion room closes.  You will need to plan for how to incorporate relatively ill pts into your infusion center. We initiated the program with a medical assistant assigned to support the NP but have since added a nurse which has been very helpful to both the urgent care NP and with the coordination with infusion.  Be sure to address with your radiology department how to get stat add-ons for CT, ultrasound, dopplers, etc or you will end up having to send the pt to the ED just for stat imaging.  Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any specific questions that I can assist you with.

    Sharon Manson RN MS, ACNP
    AVP, Nursing
    Rush University Cancer Center
    Rush University Medical Center
    Chicago, IL

  • 4.  RE: Urgent Care for oncology patients

    Posted 08-01-2019 11:22

    I work in pediatrics, so things may be different. But everywhere I have worked, if clinic is open, they go there for all care if routine or urgent. They only go to the ER after hours or if medically unstable. We assess, draw labs, start antibiotics (or pain meds or whatever is needed) all in clinic before admitting them inpatient or sending them home.

    It works well for us. We can ensure they get their antibitoics started within a timely manner. They receive care from people very familiar with their disease process and current stages of treatment. We find a way to make room for them in the schedule and/or anticipate a certain amount of sick visits per day depending on the size of the oncology program.

    Amanda Lulloff PhD RN PCNS CPHON
    Clinical Nurse Specialist
    Blank Children's Hospital

  • 5.  RE: Urgent Care for oncology patients

    Posted 10-07-2019 20:19
    Can anyone share the list of symptoms that your triage uses to determine if an urgent care visit is needed?

    Tammy Triglianos ANP
    Pittsboro NC