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  • 1.  Carboplatin

    Posted 08-17-2019 06:11
    Hello everyone! If you had CARBOPLATIN reactions during infusion and what activities you take?

  • 2.  RE: Carboplatin

    Posted 29 days ago
    Hi Ana,
    We have had carboplatin reactions at our cancer center.  It usually occurs after the patient has had several cycles of the drug.  Patients will initially c/o itchy palms, stuffy nose, or begin with a mild cough from a tickle in the throat.  It will then progress quickly to flushing & shortness of breath.  The patient is usually hypertensive & tachycardic at that point.  Once the patient begins with the initial mild symptoms, we immediately stop the infusion & administer rescue medications such as solumedrol, benadryl, pepcid, & IV fluid.  Sometimes we need to administer oxygen & mini nebs as well.  At times, the patient gets worse before they get better even with rescue meds & we administer Epi pen & call a rapid response.  Patients are usually not re-challenged after a carboplatin reaction but we have done it with success by running the infusion much slower.  To re-challenge patients require more pre-medications including a dexamethasone oral prep before arriving to the infusion suite.
    thank you,

    Christina Klein MSN, RN, OCN, CRNI
    Oncology Educator
    Cancer Treatment Centers of America
    Philadelphia PA

  • 3.  RE: Carboplatin

    Posted 27 days ago
    We have had Carboplatin reactions at our cancer center & find that reactions occur at or after 6 doses of Carbo. If it is a mild reaction, we give emergency meds such as Benadryl, Dex, Pepcid, O2 PRN, & re-challenge when symptoms resolve & pt gets back to baseline. If it is severe, we do not re-challenge. There is a GYN oncologist who orders Carboplatin desensitization for her t's who have had moderate reactions. This process can take up to 12 hours & Carbo doses start very small & titrate up in dose  every 90 minutes. There are usually a 2nd set of pre meds given after 2nd or 3rd Carbo dose (usually 4 Carbo doses are given in this regimen).

    Marilyn Ramsey RN BSN OCN
    New Bern NC